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I have 2014 13BHB and I imagine the 13QBB is similar.

To answer your questions to my best knowledge, see below:

1. There should be an outdoor shower connection access door beside the city water/water tank filling connections access door on the left side of the camper.

2. As long as your water source is drinking safe, you have sanitized the 13QBB water system and you are using a drinking water safe hose to supply the water to your camper; drinking from the sink water tap should be safe.

3. There should be two batteries on the front tongue.
One small in a small black box for emergency brakes
One regular size battery in a large black box which would power your 12 volt camper items like, lights, water pump etc.

4. There should be a spare tire attached under the trailer.

I hope this helps
I have a 2014 Camplite 13BHB with a Progressive Dynamics PD4000 Series Power Control Center.
The converter stops charging once battery is full.
You likely have the same converter model so your batteries should be safe.
I used a Bosch stud finder
No problem on sharing.
My main source of equipment & installation information is from the outstanding

Answers to your questions:
-the solar panel is bolted to roof trusses.
-solar charge controller is under middle dinette storage space
-solar panel wires run through a roof entry gland, behind clothes closet space,
through left under dinette utilities space and to the charge controller.
I added rooftop solar to my LivinLite 13BHB and the system is amazing.
I have a 2014 LivinLite 13BHB and replaced the main space Vortex fan right away with a Fantastic Fan.  The Fantastic Fan started to whine a few years later and still does, mediocre product.

I just replace the bathroom Vortex fan with a Maxxair Fan Deluxe, an outstanding upgrade.

I will be replacing the main space Fantastic Fan with a Maxxair Fan Deluxe  to fix the whine.
The Maxxair Fan Deluxe are better though out since the roof mounting bracket and the fan are two pieces, so if the Maxxair Fan ever would need maintenance or replacement there is no messing around with butyl tape, new set of screw holes and dicor sealant, just loosen four screws and the Maxxair Fan comes out.
I would go with Victron Energy charge controller, best charge controller on the market and easy to connect to from a smart phone or computer.
I ran a bogart engineering charge controller and battery monitor for the first years and connecting remotely is complicated and the web only interface is like MS-DOS or linux environment, not worth the it in my opinion, hence why I switched to Victron Energy battery monitor and charge controller.
Sounds like you might have a Fantastic Fan brand.
Your roof fans should be on a their own circuit with a 15amp DC fuse in the power centre.
I added a state of the art small solar system to my 2014 LivinLite CampLite 13BHB.
The system below maintains battery at 100% charge for over 4 days with normal use and I currently do not need additional solar panels to run the following system highly efficiently.

Here are the major components I used to achieve this outstanding solar performance:
Solar Panel:
▪   Solar Panel; Renogy 1x100 Watt 12 Volt Monocrystalline Solar Panel , Short-Circuit Current: 5.21A

Solar Management Components:
▪   Din Rail Breaker Box; uxcell IP65 ABS Transparent Cover Power Distribution Protection Box for Circuit Breaker
▪   Solar Disconnect Breaker; 2P 250V Low-voltage DC Miniature Circuit Breaker For Solar Panels Grid System din rail mount (63A)
▪   Solar Charge Controller; victron energy SmartSolar MPPT 100/30
▪   DC Distribution system; victron energy Lynx Distributor
▪   Battery Monitor; victron energy BMV-712 Smart
▪   Battery Fuse Holder; Blue Sea Systems 5005, 35 to 300 Amp Anl Fuse Block with Insulating Cover
▪   Battery Fuse; Blue Sea Systems ANL Fuse 80 amp
▪   Master Disconnect; Blue Sea Systems 300 Amp m-Series Battery Switches
▪   Battery; Smart Battery 12v 75 AH Deep Cycle Lithium Ion Battery

The Solar Panel is mounted on the right side roof between the Air Conditioner and the wet bath roof fan.
The Solar Management Components are installed in front dinette storage space.
My system as installed works amazingly.

The Solar Management Components are sized to allow for easy solar panels additions if needed in the future.
Note! The roof space available after installing the one solar panel could fit 2 additional 100 Watt 12 Volt Monocrystalline Solar Panel, however this would be a really tight fit.
I upgraded to lithium battery on my Camplite 13BHB and mounted the battery inside under the bed/dinette front bench storage space.

I did not use the storage space for storage and the space is right beside the camper electrical panel & utility area which made for easy rewiring and a lot shorter wire runs.

As far as I understand lithium batteries do not off gas and are safe for use indoors.

The wheel well thin sheet metal may not support your batteries and the wheel well may also be very bouncy.
Keep in mind if you need to access your batteries even infrequently a snug install may be challenging.

Does the Camplite 14DBS have storage areas under beds or near camper electrical panel that would provide better support and simplify/shorten your wire runs?
The Camplite has metal trusses and metal roof which a stud finder could not locate the trusses from the outside.

The solution was:
-stud find found the metal trusses & truss spacing through the interior azdel roof
-transfer metal trusses inside locations to the outside roof
-drill small pilot hole in first truss to confirm 100% truss location

The above method resulted in an easy solar panel installation to the roof trusses

I hope this will guide other Camplite owners on similar roof projects.

I am preparing a 2014 13BHB solar panel install & need to drill holes in the roof to complete the installation.

What is the most accurate method of finding the aluminum roof truss locations through the aluminum sheet roof?
Anyone have a roof truss diagram or had 100% success locating the trusses through the aluminium roof?

Appreciate your advice, thanks,