Can I put batteries on top of wheel well inside 2014 CampLite 14DBS?

Started by RV Squirrel, March 18, 2022, 10:33:11 AM

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RV Squirrel

I've recently purchased two lithium batteries to replace the lead-acid battery that was outdoors, on the frame just behind the LP tanks.  I plan to mount the new batteries inside my 2014 CampLite 14DBS.  Each battery weighs around 30 pounds... so two would weigh 60 pounds.  It's okay to put lithium batteries indoors... in fact, it seems that most folks do for a number of reasons.

There isn't much space to do this, so my options are limited.  I'm thinking of mounting them on top of the passenger-side wheel well.  This would be behind the lowest of the two cabinet doors underneath the sink.  I've attached a picture.

The batteries fit there (assuming that I can secure them somehow), but I'm concerned about the weight.  Even though lithium batteries are much lighter than lead-acid, 60 pounds is still significant.  I've had problems with leaking on the driver's side, but I don't want to invite trouble on the passenger's side.

What I see on top of the wheel well appears to be thin sheet metal that is folded at an angle to cover the top and side of the wheel well.  However, I do not see any sheet metal screws connecting it to something underneath.  What is underneath this sheet metal?  Can I screw into it in order to attach mounting hardware for the batteries?  If not, can I use square tube stock to create a battery tray that would connect to the existing 1" square tube stock on either side of the cabinet?  As you can see from the picture, it's going to be snug!  The batteries are hard to see because they are the same color as the sheet metal.

It would be a bummer to give up the floor of the cabinet though.  The dogs wouldn't forgive me... that's where we store the kibble.


I upgraded to lithium battery on my Camplite 13BHB and mounted the battery inside under the bed/dinette front bench storage space.

I did not use the storage space for storage and the space is right beside the camper electrical panel & utility area which made for easy rewiring and a lot shorter wire runs.

As far as I understand lithium batteries do not off gas and are safe for use indoors.

The wheel well thin sheet metal may not support your batteries and the wheel well may also be very bouncy.
Keep in mind if you need to access your batteries even infrequently a snug install may be challenging.

Does the Camplite 14DBS have storage areas under beds or near camper electrical panel that would provide better support and simplify/shorten your wire runs?

RV Squirrel

I discovered that if I lay the batteries on their sides I have a little extra room.  The area is right next to the AC/DC power converter (with the electrical panel), as well as the cable entrance for shore power and the tow vehicle, so cable runs should be short.  I was considering putting them underneath the bed, but there was no easy way to run the cables without drilling a hole in the floor, and I was trying to avoid that.

I discovered yesterday that there are indeed structural aluminum tubes underneath the sheet metal ( like a sheet metal, aluminum tube, sheet metal sandwich), but I'll still need to supplement that.  I plan on making a battery tray that will distribute the weight over the structural aluminum tubes.


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