2018 21BHS - Under bunk storage made easy

Started by tbrady, May 23, 2017, 11:41:06 AM

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My wife wanted an easier way to get to the storage area under the bunk.  Moving the mattress and lid was pain for regular access so I added a hinge and some gas struts and now access is waaay easier.   Note, I had to go with 4 struts for it to be strong enough to lift the lid plus the mattress/sheets/comforter on top.  I also cut another 2" hole on the side to make it easy to lift up.


I really like this idea!  We just got a 2018 21BHS and camped in it last weekend when we went to pick it up.  The under bed storage top will stay up with the two current struts if I fold the mattress back and don't put any weight on it.  Otherwise I basically had to hold it up while my wife accessed the area.  What brand struts did you use/where did you purchase them?  Any tricks you learned on how to measure the exact placement for each one?  Also the rear vent fan in the bathroom is not working in our camper.  I haven't had time to tinker with it yet.  Do you know what brand it is or what fuse it runs on.  the vent hood is not cranking up and it will not power on at all.  It has a knob for 4 speeds I believe 0-4, and also has a temperature control knob with a sticker that has red squares on one side and blue on the other.  Would this be connected to the furnace?  It also has a little knob that says 4 amp only (I believe).  Just trying to get some background knowledge before pulling it out and troubleshooting.  Thanks


Sounds like you might have a Fantastic Fan brand.
Your roof fans should be on a their own circuit with a 15amp DC fuse in the power centre.