Greasing axles on a QS 10

Started by Shellee, April 19, 2017, 09:45:05 AM

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Getting the camper ready for the season and I'm wondering if anyone has any tips on how to grease the axles.  Thanks


Well, it depends on whether you have Bearing Buddies on the hubs or not. BBs have a zerk grease fitting that lets you pump grease in while a spring loaded metal diaphragm pushes back as it fills. Squirt until it pushes back all of the way and you are done.

If no BBs then jack up the wheel and remove the tire. Then pop off the cap on the end of the hub. You will see a big nut and a cotter key holding it in place. Remove the cotter key and unscrew the nut and the hub will come off. You can leave the wheel on if you want and the whole thing will come off, but some wheels have hub covers that require removing the wheel to get to the cap.

Then you can pack new grease in from the front and back reaching inside the bearings on each end. You fill the cavity (except for the center where the axle shaft goes through) with new grease, making sure that new grease is pushed into the bearing, then reassemble the whole mess.

You can also buy Bearing Buddies and add them to axles that don't have them. They replace the cap and just push into the outer part of the bearing housing. I am not sure if they will clear the hub covers that some LLs have on their wheels. You can always just not use those covers if you install BBs.



Much easier than that.... see,71.msg210.html#msg210
There is also a Dexter manual in that area.