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Started by MBR, April 22, 2017, 09:18:23 PM

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Greetings, all.  I just purchased my QS 10.0, and currently have it set up in my garage, trying to figure out where everything will go.  We are moving from a T@B, since we just can't fit three grandkids plus us in it anymore.  Any tips for a newbie?  I'll be posting some specific questions but I thought I'd introduce myself first. 


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Welcome from Maryland. First off I'm jealous that you have a garage big enough to set up your camper inside.

I wished I had taken pictures of the storage changes we made in our QS 10. We took the benches and table out and used 4 plastic totes from Lowes (27 gallon). We are able to store our bedding (blankets, sheets and pillows) in one, sleeping bags in another, miscellaneous supplies (lights, fans, board games, and other misc items) in a third and the fourth one holds pet supplies. They are easier to remove than the benches and they stack under the bunk ends when set up. This gives us more room inside at night and allows the dog space to pread out.

We generally use the picnic tables at the campground and it we need a table we can always take the original. However it is a small table for just the two of us and we found we never used it.

I'll get some pictures the next time we take it out hopefully around Mother's Day weekend.
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