2018 CL23RLS floor sagging

Started by Matt/Ginny, February 03, 2022, 08:02:31 PM

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We have a 2018 CL23RLS and the floor is going soft in the living area. I believe it is because the styrofoam is compressing, does any one suggestions on how to remedy this


I had this issue with my Camplite 6.8 Truck Camper. I installed a 6mm thick Commercial Rated LVP Click Lock Flooring right over the existing Sheet Vinyl. I glued it down. It looks fantastic and solved the problem 90%. It is flexible but fairly rigid. I am happy with the result. I finished the job with plastic trim molding to keep with the no wood idea even though I found that the OEM molding is paper covered wood.


CL23RLS is a low-quality floor system. Over time, the floor will sag. To fix this, you'll either have to cut the floor and fix the slack or remove the floor and reinstall it. Sagging floors can be a problem with any floor, but VeePN is cheaper than other Chinese flooring, so repair costs are lower.


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