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« on: February 03, 2019, 12:09:11 PM »
16 ft. camper sleeps 4- ALL ALUMINUM & AZDEL
(aluminum floor, roof, cabinetry)
Double Axle
Dinette converts to 60 X 80 queen
Double bunks
Wet bath
Full kitchen
Entryway storage
Sleek, modern interior
High-end euro windows with screens/blackout shades
Battery Kill Switch

Trailer tongue is cracked.  The interior and all systems are in excellent condition.  The tongue needs to be repaired or replaced for safe towing or trailer could be used as stationery guest house. We donít have the time & energy to repair & we are looking for a larger trailer to accommodate more people.  Trailer is not towable as-is without aluminum welding work.  Buyer will assume all responsibility for repair and/or removal of trailer from property. Please email with CAMPER in the subject line for more information.  NADA value is at $10,000 + not including all extras & customizations.  Am willing to adjust heavily for repair work needed to trailer system. Located in Eastern TN.

General Q & A / Cracked Frame
« on: November 01, 2018, 12:59:11 PM »
I have a 2013 16' BH model- owned for 2 years.  We noticed this summer that the aluminum frame is crackingwhere the tongue meets the body of the trailer... all the way across.  Any thoughts?   This seems very dangerous and we are not going to use the trailer until we can get it repaired. We haven't overloaded it & weight is distributed throughout-Anyone else with this issue?

New Members / Camping w/ kids in FL
« on: February 20, 2017, 04:50:16 PM »

Bought our 1st trailer in Dec. and have been on 4, 1-2 night trips since then.  We have the camplite BHB 2013 model. 
What I love:
-The silvery interior colors (I hate the 80s wood camper decor)
-All aluminum!!! This is newbie camper proof... leaks... no problem!
-Double axle- it was difficult finding a new camper that was lightweight & double axel (have a 4runner & want to be able to pack it up if we need to... not just 600-800 leeway)
-WINDOWS ... love the windows- that there are lots- they open wide & the shades & screens... who else has that at this price point??!?
-lots of storage for small camper
-entryway area (we have coathooks & shoe storage as soon as we walk in)
-the amount of perks for a small trailer (larger fridge w/ inside freezer... convection microwave)
-ease of towability
-queen bed dinette conversion... 60X80...I'm pretty happy with the size of the adult sleeping space (though not necessarily comfort factor- we use a blowup queen) - but that makes options much easier with standard sizing

What I would want to change:
-increased black tank storage... we have 1 day max
-sensors... this model has no sensors for anything (water levels, black/gray tanks, batteries, etc.)
-propane tanks- has 1 tank and ideally I'd like 2
-dedicated adult bed... with kids I think I'd like to have a dedicated dining area & dedicated bed... but if I had to choose, I'd have kids' bunks any day and work to make my own bed
-again... space isssue- this is an awesome camper for short weekend trips- but we definitely cannot fit all 4 people inside without at least 2 of us being in a bed- and no room to stand up and change clothes etc.  & storage space can be hard to access with adult bed made.

Overall... It was between this and a new micro-minne winnebago.  I am really  happy we ended up with this camper- it's unique and very easy for beginners.  It's a little tight for a family of 4, but the kids are little & it forces us to hang out outside.  Much better than tent camping!  Happy camping!


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