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Thanks for the replies.
Yes, the kitchen sink drains to the gray tank. It is the only thing going to the gray tank.
hmm....seems like they messed up (shower should go to gray tank) but they won't fix it.
We have a 16TBS 2018

We have tested and our shower drains to the BLACK tank.
We drained all tanks. Poured buckets into the shower. Drained again and the water came out the black tank (gray remained empty).
This seems odd to us. The Gray tank is bigger and shower water is gray water.

Is the shower supposed to drain to the GRAY? 
How are other trailers set up?

We are wondering if it came from the factory hooked up wrong.
Hmm...looks like they don't all have the problem.
I think the numbers on mine add up ok.. Let me know if you agree.

I have a 2018 16 TBS (manufacture date 11/2017)
From the stickers on the RV:
   unloaded vehicle weight - 3330 lb
   Total cargo limit - 1070 lb
      Note about Full load of water would = 216 lbs
   GVWR (max weight RV can be when fully loaded)  - 4400 lb

From the sticker on the axle:
    Capacity 4400 lbs

I was just thinking I need to take a picture of the sticker on the axle before it wears off.  Good idea to take pics of all the sticker while we can still read them.
Thank you! 
Very weird to put a switch to front door steps in the rear storage compartment.
I wonder if its a cluster f*@, mine went to nothing (per the repair people, there were no wires connected) and yours to a light at the other end of the trailer.

Can anyone that owns a 16 TBS Camplite tell us what the black switch in the storage compartment (between the light and kill switch) is supposed to control?
Ours wasn't wired to anything.
New Members / Re: newbie 16 TBS
September 05, 2018, 09:25:04 PM
Thanks for the reply!

Well, we've only had it for 9 days and after our first rain storm last night (lots of rain) we found that the water mark by the front door was a serious issue. There was no cap on the propane vent on the roof and water was streaming in, wicking and creating a puddle under the fridge and by the front door. I'm working with KZ warranty now as this is a new unit.  Lesson learned, don't trust the dealer prep and bring a ladder with you when you pick it up.

Whats the switch in the pass through storage area (by the kill switch) for?
New Members / newbie 16 TBS
September 03, 2018, 11:55:10 AM
Just bought a 2018 16 TBS.
Can't wait to use it.
Is there a FB group for owners, if so what's it called?
We live in Colorado but plan on traveling all over.
The only thing we noticed when we picked it up were water marks on the vinyl floors by the front and storage doors. The dealer claimed it was from their power washing. Hmmm....we'll see.
Odd there's no toilet paper holder, you'd think that would be factory installed as they all need it.

We didn't see any LivinLite accessories online for their travel trailers (like a screen room). Are there any or do you just get generic stuff?

With a Ram 1500 do you think a anti sway device is needed? If so, Anderson,Husky or...?

Our newly picked up 16 TBS has water marks on the floor by the front and storage door.
The dealer stated its from the power washing they do.
Have you noticed any problems from this?