battery Group size

Started by tincan, August 28, 2019, 05:29:15 PM

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Hi all I have a Ford branded 8.4S truck camper and I wanted to know what size battery folks have. I currently installed a Group 24 but I'd like to go larger. What are you all running?



It was a dealer item, but most Camplites were delivered with an Interstate Group 24, the smallest (and cheapest) of the full size batteries. That one is 60-65 AHs capacity.

If I wanted to go bigger I would use a Group 31 AGM battery with about 100 AHs of capacity. Why an AGM; they are double the cost of FLAs? Well because I don't trust any FLA (other than GCs) to be a true deep cycle battery with heavy plates, more room for acid over and below the plates, fill caps, etc. For AGMs those issues don't matter.

The next step would be two GC2 golf cart batteries wired in series. All GC batteries are deep cycle.

Any more than that and you need a generator.



Thanks a lot!  I'll be looking into replacements soon!