A-frame bent?

Started by adcummings, August 17, 2019, 11:45:14 AM

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I've had my 2014 16dbs for about 2 years and just noticed the A-frame seems to slope up a bit from the main part of the frame. I am wondering if this is the way it was built. There does not seem to be any signs of cracks or stress. The previous owner bent the back bumper. Could the A-frame have gotten bent too without the coupler bending or breaking first?


I think that the 16DBS has a central member that goes aft from the coupler, past the front of the unit's cabin all the way aft to about midships (how about that nautical terminology!!), as my 16TBS does. If so sight along it and it should be straight all the way aft.

If it is bent then I wouldn't try to straighten it but I would strengthen the central member with angle aluminum welded from the coupler aft past the cabin so it doesn't bend more. The cabin is the fulcrum and the point of the highest stress along the members.