Problems solved with my TC11

Started by Seattle-TC11, July 26, 2019, 11:58:58 AM

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I purchased my brand new 2016 TC11 this May up in Canada.  It had been sitting on the lot for two years. 

It had a few problems:

1) The roof escape hatch leaked (badly).  This was fortunately a warranty repair that unfortunately took over two months to get fixed.  The factorY did NOT install it correctly.  They did NOT use butyl tape under the outer flange.  They did not seal under the hinges.  There was a direct route for water to enter the camper.  Since the mattress was still wrapped in plastic, nothing was damaged.  The repair facility had to remove the hatch and carefully re-install it according to the directions.  No leaks now.

2) The main camper waste drain was hanging without support.  The support straps had broken loose.  With the stupid design they used, the 4" pipe just bounced up and down until it busted loose.  The solution (also warranty) was to replace the perforated straps with rigid angle straps.  This way, the pipe cannot move up or down, and stays in place.  Problem solved.

3) Fresh water drain valve at the low spot at the camper leaked (A LOT).  It leaked the first time I filled the water tank.  The factory obviously didn't test it.

4) The gray tank sensors were backwards.  After exactly two gallons, it read 2/3 full.  (warranty fix).  They reversed the wires.  Where the hell was quality control?

5) The battery box was installed backwards.  The top of the box could not close, and the exit vent pipe was not long enough to spin the top to the correct position (warranty repair).  They cut off the direction tabs on the box and it closes now.  It was also not attached with screws, so it was unsafe.  This is now fixed.

6) Inside the bathroom, behind the removable wall piece (not easily removable, but something I took off for the new wireless camera that I will detail in another post), the vent for the toilet had a strap to secure, but it wasn't installed all.  The strap was so loose, I could slide a leg into the gap they left.  Why even put a strap in there if it isn't actually holding anything.  Also, all of the wiring behind that panel was just hanging there against the metal strap, waiting to create a short.  Just a few pennies worth of zip ties fixed all of that loose wire.  I removed over a foot of the metal strap and re-attached it.  Fixed.

7) The blind over the kitchen sink.  Originally installed by a someone who was clearly an idiot.  The brackets were installed directly where the blind parts need to rotate.  They could not rotate.  I had to move them to different locations before the blind could rotate.  These installers....arg!

8 ) The main door latch was installed upside down so the camper's dead bolt did not function.  Easy to fix...but seriously, how did this not get checked when they installed it? 

9) The door latch on the bathroom does not lock.  Also installed in the wrong position.  It will need to be re-positioned to get fixed.  I still have to fix this one.

10) Wiring near the external camper jack controller.  It was a bundle of very think gauge wires cut and left with the ends bare and not taped or anything else.  This potentially could have shorted out a lot of things... A few loops of tape and that is fixed.

11) The air conditioner blew about 3 cups of Styrofoam dust all over the place the first time it was turned on.  Surely they could have powered it up at least once after installing it to blow out all of the construction debris...nope.

12) One cabinet door frame was over-tightened and out of square so much that the latch did not close/open.  Easy fix, now the latch works great.

13) Some extra parts (a door handle and some floor trim) were left inside the sink cabinet.  They didn't even bother to clean up.

14) One of the clips holding on the sink from underneath was attached to nothing.  It had to be re-positioned to grip the counter top.

15) In the bed area, the bracket that holds the bottom of the blind was placed in such a position that there is no physical way whatsoever to attach it to the blind.  Solution, move it down about an inch (leaving holes in the wall)

16) The generator box on the outside of the camper had no hold-open device.  All of the other vertically opening hatches had these devices.  Solution, buy one and attach it.  Why put one on every other door but not this one?  Not easy to find the correct shape device, but "Ebay" to the rescue.  The style they used is no longer available new.

17) Aluminum shards in every cabinet, in every opening, everywhere....really....everywhere.  Under the bed, in the battery box, in the shower, all over the place.  Nobody at the factory seems to know how to use a vacuum.

18) Water supply lines under the sink go straight up from the floor, take a 90 degree bend and attach to the faucet.  They sway back and forth about 12" and would easily start to leak without much time with so much movement.  A few pennies in zip ties solved that one.

Summary:  I see now why it never sold...Such sloppy work!  Some of the installers were absolute idiots.  There was terrible quality control.

Now that I have it fixed, it is very nice.  What a pain.   The only reason to buy this think is the all aluminum design.  They had horrible quality control and crappy workmanship.