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Started by Seattle-TC11, July 25, 2019, 07:08:56 PM

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My 2016 TC11 camper did not come with an external ladder, I have no idea why. I think a ladder is necessary for fixing roof issues on the road or if the escape hatch is ever needed to escape the camper.  I found a few videos on YouTube like this ( ) showing another model year TC11 camper with a ladder, so I figured there is probably no difference in the design of the blocking (this is the official term used for what is needed to hold a ladder).

I emailed KZ:  this is the reply


thanks joe miller
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This is a black color ladder.  I probably would have chosen a color that matches the trim color instead, but the black ended up looking good.

Installing it:
The studs can only be located from the inside.  The one of the two 4' studs was easy to find.  However, with the interior bathroom wall that holds the bathroom door, I could only get part of other stud located.  I was unable to find the full width of the second stud.  I did find this video of the camper's framework: ( ).  I had to take a leap of faith that the second stud was also 4' wide.  With the camper frame video and the fact other campers of the same model had ladders, it was worth a shot.  The good news is that both studs are 4" wide!

Both 4" wide studs go from floor to ceiling, obviously there for the ladder.  Once you find them, you very carefully transfer the measurements to the outside.  I measured from the edge of the outside door jam to the inside of one of the studs with a carpenter's square, then I re-created all the stud locations on the outside of the camper onto green tape.   

I used 1" self drilling screws.  Warning: anything longer hits the opposite side of the stud and snaps off the screw head.  Using 1"screws is plenty to sink into the very thick walled 4" studs.  I have included a picture of the finished job. I sealed under each attachment point with butyl tape and then caulked.


The black ladder may not match the trim color but it's nice to know that it still looks good in the end at my location


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