2015 16DB space under sofa, on demand water heater and Lagun adjustable table to

Started by Brad, April 14, 2019, 02:38:15 PM

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Under the couch of the 2015 16DB is much wasted space.  The only thing under there is water lines to the outdoor shower.  Has anyone done anything with the wasted space?  I'm thinking of taking the front Azdel off, making a box, preferably aluminium, to cover the water lines and then use the stretchy cargo netting in place of Azdel.  Then we could use that space for more storage.

Also, I ordered a  Lagun adjustable table  top. I am thinking of mounting it on the side of the couch.  I ordered on with two mounts with the idea of mounting on on each end of the couch.  If that works out, maybe ordering another table top to have on on each end.  The one on the end near the bed could also serve as a night stand.

I do intend to keep the fold out sofa should we need a bed for a third person.  The purpose of mounting the Lagun on the side was so we could still use the sofa as a bed without having to remove the table to fold out the couch.

Also, how many have switched out the water heater with an on demand type.  I am thinking of an Atwood model.  Is the convenience of an on demand water heater worth it?

Any input from those who have made those or other similar modifications would be appreciated.   Hoping to have it all done before the upcoming camping season.
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