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Started by 7thunders, January 15, 2017, 10:03:07 AM

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We have a 2017 16DBS.   Not actually used yet since we picked it up the first week of november, winterized.  so.....Got a Warranty protection "offer" today for Dometicare Service on our Air Conditioner.  If offers 1,2,3 yr plans.   First of all has anyone ever experienced problems with their A/C?  Its hard to predict product failures and the odds of it wearing out shouldn't be an issue as of yet since we really haven't done any camping yet.  BUT out of curiosity I"m asking around to see if this AC unit has a good reputation.  DOMETIC . 
Anyone experience problems? is this the Unit that has been normally installed on most of LL travel trailers?  Feedback please.
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The Dometic A/C in my 2013 21BHS failed after about 2 years and had to be replaced.  I had an extended warranty on the trailer and that covered it.  The tubing split and I lost all of the freon.  The systems now cannot be recharged, and the tubing is so thin it is very difficult to install a charge valve if you wanted to.

I guess it depends on the cost of the extended warranty since it just covers the A/C.  I believe it cost about $800 (without the warranty) to replace the A/C.
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