Sink Supply Lines Change to Quick Connect?

Started by mightykc70, March 27, 2018, 02:40:16 PM

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We love our 14XLP. The only big pain in the butt is connecting the water supply lines to the sink. Has anyone swapped out the conventional screw-on brass fittings with quick-connects? I think the hoses are 3/8". If that's right, pressure washers use the same size. Seems like it'd be an easy change and worth it.


Did you ever go through with the conversion to the quick-connects?  If so what did you end up working out, and what did you use?


We switched to brass quick connects for both the drain and both water line inputs. Works wonderfully. Ordered the quick connects off of amazon as I needed three and one for dual lines. Found all the reducer pieces and parts at Lowes in plumbing under the hose connector section. Could not find them online or at Ace. Our lines are 3/4 and reduced to 1/2. Did have to add a male to male 3/4 adapter from Hose thread to pipe thread. Less than $5 an adapter and well worth the investment. With the weight of the brass on the end the line seems to drain a little faster too when removed.


Hey gang. I finally got around to setting this up. I'm posting photos of all of the parts I used to help anyone else get this done. The parts were all from our local Home Depot, so the part numbers on the bags will work at yours. I bought 2 of each part.
We had a test run while camping this weekend and it worked like a champ. The hoses are now a little long because of the attachments and adapters, but I decided to keep them as is and bend the pex a bit to accommodate it. Be sure to use silicone thread tape to stop leaks.
I hope this helps anyone considering the same mod.


I placed my order for the quick connects on Amazon because I required three of them and only one for the dual lines. All of the reducer components and parts could be found in the plumbing department of Lowe's, directly beneath the hose connectors.