Renogy 400W solar system install

Started by psmithrpm, February 05, 2018, 11:54:38 PM

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I've got a 2018 7X20HJ and plan to add a 400W solar system. Does anyone have access to the existing wiring schematic? I'll be using a couple of 100AH lithium iron phosphate batteries in place of the original wet battery. That'll also mean a change to the shore-powered charging system.
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I'm interested in doing a similar project. I Haven't start design yet.
Wondering what your components are panels, batteries etc.


I am looking at LenSun solar panels.  They have the 2nd generation EFTE coating on them.  First generation panels have PET coating on them and I have seen U tube videos showing delamination after just 1 year - but they cost less.  Conventional panels have up to a 25 yr warrantee.  Most flexible panels only a 2 year warrantee.
I would go conventional hard solar panels but hate the idea of at least 8 holes per panel in my roof.

5 - 100 watt flexible LenSun panels are selling for about $1,299.00 or $259.80 each panel; or about $2.60 per watt.
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But it seems a complex DIY, referring to some tutorials will be helpful. You can find them on the internet as well.
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Was anyone ever able to come up with a wiring schematic?


Maybe this diagram will help. It was prepared by a guy who goes by Merlin on the Aluminumcamperforum and is for a 100 watt system. I hope he won't mind me posting it.

To make this into a 4-100 watt Renogy panel based system, you will need to wire the panels in parallel and use bigger wire, at least #8 gauge wire and maybe even #6 for minimal voltage drop to wire from the parallel panel junction down to the controller. The controller will also have to be bigger- 30 amps and be an MPPT type. Wire from the controller to the batteries with #6 or 8 gauge wire as well. The Bussman 20A breaker will need to be upgraded to 30 amps also.

If you are going to use conventional lead acid batteries then that is all you have to do. If you are going to make the tongue mounted batteries into a Li system then there is much more to do and I am not about to touch that.