Bunk support storage

Started by Railsnstiles, January 10, 2017, 09:46:25 AM

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As well built as the tent campers are, i have often wondered if anyone has ever had the underslung pvc pipe storage loosen on them, and what they did about it?


mine did - but still has screws holding to the frame, thats attached on the straps - the internal screws in the pipe has broke.

i stopped using it.

now I have a new plan...


Im not sure if its a good idea, I m going to try to find it in person and check it out - so far it may be what I need to store the poles, and have a better bumper :)


Yes! It absolutely can loosen! We used a few very heavy duty zip ties (bought at Harbor Freight) around the tube to the frame. That way if the screws loosen you won't loose your support poles!  :)

Jeff Brant

I have a new 2018 8.0 and the back end came lose and we lost the support tubes on the way home from our first camping trip. I keep them in the camper now