Radio Replacement

Started by PDX David, December 05, 2021, 02:14:26 PM

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PDX David

One of the things I was never happy with was the factory installed radio in my CL LivinLite 16TBS: DRIVE Model EEDV06  Primary complaint was inability to store preset stations.  It also failed once, but manufacturer replaced with little hassle.

I just swapped it out with a Jensen JWM60A:

And when I say "swapped" - it literally was a perfect match for size in the mounting hole and cabinet cavity. Even the mounting screw holes lined up!  I reused the existing wiring harness and all works fine. The Jensen does have capability for a sub-woofer, so if that's in your plans then you would probably need to use the supplied wiring harness.

Installation tips: It didn't come with mounting screws and existing ones are too big to fit under mounting plate, so use flat head wood screws. Also, I spent the most time of the whole project prying the end panels off the unit to get to the screw holes. Knife blade and patience.


Portland, OR. / 2016  Camplite 16TBS towed by Mercedes ML350