Help! Wich truck for my livin lite camptruck 11CLTC?

Started by bkestens, May 15, 2024, 11:34:20 AM

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Hi all,
Just new on the forum. We bought a 2015 camplite truckcamper 11CLTC. We are looking for a truck. The new dually trucks are to wide. Will a SRW F350, RAM 3500 be enough? The payload is not that much in these trucks. Or will it be fine. I was wondering wich truck you ar using for the 11CLTC, with one slide. Thanks ahead.


For a truck like the Livin Lite 11CLTC, you will need a truck capable of towing a suitable payload. To know for sure, you need to determine the weight and dimensions of your campervan and find a truck capable of towing that load. slice master is a fun slicing game