Tire wear

Started by backpackerdude, May 02, 2017, 12:04:26 PM

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Just finished trip around Lake Erie with 21' Living Lite - so since March, 2016 purchase about 8,000 miles.... all 4 tires (Chinese made)Vail Sport ST  LH99 ST205/75D14  are showing excessive wear.... had a previous 18' double axle trailer and did a 10,630 mile trip and tires showed hardly any wear .... just contacted Lionshead (Cooper Tire) and will be filing a complaint... any others out there with noticeable excessive tire wear?   Backpackerdude


The Vail tires on my 21BHS were garbage.  I had one replaced by Lionshead due to a slit that was molded into the sidewall of the tire.  I drove the trailer from Florida out to Arizona and Utah and back, and then a year later up to Tennessee.  When I returned to Florida from Tennessee there was a huge slit in the tread of one tire and you could lift the tread from the tire about 3" wide.  I had about 8,000 miles on the tires and figured enough was enough.  I replaced them with Carlisle Radial Trail RH tires, which have been great.
2013 Camplite 21BHS


My tires made it one season, replaced with Radials, no issues now...  The tires they give you are as good as the mattress, both should go into the garbage as soon as you get your trailer home.


We go to this place where they sell boat wraps to fix our mini RV.