2015 21RBS New to me

Started by FloridaLivin, February 21, 2022, 01:11:51 PM

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Just picked up a 2015 21RBS Black exterior with wood grain interior.  Fixing everything I want, the way I want, before I start camping.  Like others here have said, the paint is badly faded.  I can't find the paint code anywhere, does anyone know what the paint code is for a 2015 Black exterior?  Hope it was okay to pose that question in this section. 

I am replacing the bathroom sink and facet with stainless steel and a faucet that I can get my hands under.  I will be replacing the tires, but still undecided on the brand just yet.  I am also going to just pain over the decals because they are so faded and they wont come off with damaging the paint, ask me how I know, lol.