Ready to get off the ground! Looking to buy a quicksilver 8 in California

Started by Joruss, April 16, 2021, 12:58:51 AM

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Hi! We love camping but in hopes of doing some longer road trip style camping trips, we're looking to purchase a pop up camper that we can tow comfortably with our Subaru Outback but can sleep 3 and a big dog. The quicksilver 8 seems like it would be a great fit for us. We're on the central coast. If anyone is selling in CA I'd love to hear about it. We could potentially drive out of state too, but not until after the school year is over. Thanks!


I read your post about being in California looking for a quicksilver livin lite 8.0 with your subaru outback and I froze for a minute thinking I was reading a post of mine. I'm curious if you ever met your goal of finding that right quicksilver lite. I'm currently looking and cant find anything actively for sale; I'm only finding a bunch of old ads. I'd love to learn from your experience if you have the time to share.