Battery charging problem 2016 11.0S truck campet

Started by Michael73, September 20, 2020, 07:02:59 AM

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Hello all, own a living lite 11.0S 2016 Truck camper and suddenly developed battery charge issues during a recent cross country trip. Battery will only charge via the shoreline and will not hold a charge. Questions, where is the battery located? I am sure I need to service it. Ie distilled water. But I cannot locate it. Yup, I feel real stupid, but, still smiling, love the camper. Ford logo model, on a one tonne ford.

lyman guy

You may have the charging fuse between the truck and camper charger blown. Ours did that a lot when using the jacks without shore power. Anyway, I found the fuse, of all places, under the sink right to the left of the charger electrical panel. It was high in the under sink cabinet. There was no mention of the fuse placement in any manual I could find. So much of these campers were excellent, and then you find some bonehead construction detail. It was a 30 amp in a single fuse holder, like an afterthought.