Sway / Weight distribution needed yes or no w/ F150 V8

Started by JazzyPigsGA, February 25, 2017, 05:47:17 AM

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We will be the proud owners of a 2017 21 RBS by end of March. This is a major upgrade from our pop up life! I am seeking advice on whether sway or a WDH will be issues. We are towing with a 2015 F150 Supercrew V8 FX4 so plenty of power. Dealer said a WDH would be overkill and others have said just see. I realize a WDH with the Aluminum requires some forethought on what to use as well.
We welcome all thoughts.


Even F150 needs a WDH if tongue weight is over 500lbs.
See label under the bumper near receiver on truck or F150 towing guide for your truck.

500# without WDH. 1220# with one.


I highly doubt you will need one. I thought I would on our Lexus gx470  but the dealer said I probably wouldn't and they were right! They sell them so I trust their advice.
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I have an 8.5 x 22 toy hauler.  I have an Andersen WD hitch.  it rides much better with it. 


Sway control is nice to have with the light trailers.  Your F150 should be able to handle the 21 without an issue but check your tongue weight and owners manual.  I added lift bags to level out the truck while towing. 
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I have a 2014 F150 FX4 with the 3.5L Ecoboost, and the 21RBS. I use a WD hitch and it makes all the difference in the world. Trust me on this one!
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My Ram 1500 can easily tow my 21BHS with no WDH.  However, I use the Andersen hitch and much prefer that.  Much better towing experience, just in terms of bouncing and peace of mind.
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We get many questions concerning weight distribution hitches and if they are needed.  As a manufacturer we are hesitant to make any particular recommendation. For the most part if you have the appropriate tow vehicle, proper hitch height and your camper is loaded properly you should have no problems.
Here is a link to an article that can answer some of the common questions regarding weight distribution.




Thanks Dan for weighing in! I understand the hesitation. We picked up Friday and it towed well. Got it up to 72 mph on I-75 with little sway. 65-70 seems optimal. Gonna break it in and see over time.


I'm wondering if I need one as well. Picking up the trailer in a few weeks. I hope it will be ok to make the trip from Illinois to back home in Maryland without one and see how it goes.
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We just picked up a new CL21RBS towing it with a '16 Tundra 5.7L and using a Blue Ox load leveling sway control system. Mounted easily and tows like a dream, not even a bobble at interstate speeds going by semi trucks, bus, etc. Our truck didn't drop much putting trailer on the ball, so weight distribution probably not much of a need in our case anyway. Sway control is a big deal in my mind though. We have never towed our rig without sway control, so can't give comparison. We figured $300 for a high degree of certainty sway not likely to occur under widely varied conditions; especially considering what is at risk was a worthy insurance investment.

Found our year old Blue Ox on Craig's List for half of new price. Several brands were listed in our area when we were looking, may be worth checking this source near you. Good reviews on e-trailer.com for most any component you want including several brands of sway / load leveling devices.

Hope this helps.
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Thread revival.

Short answer is yes.

WD and anti-sway will make a noticable difference, but be careful not to go to high with the weight rating on the bars.

I tow a 21BHS with my F150 and I use a Blue Ox 750. A 1000 would probably be fine, but to high and it will be a rougher ride, as well as rough on the trailer.



The Andersen WD hitch is definitely a game-changer. I am using one too.
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Ya no doubt,  with what you're driving you'll be fine!