Back Wall Sub Frame or Studs?

Started by Canuckrdp, June 04, 2019, 04:14:40 PM

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Is there anyone out there that might know any measurements from the left side wall across the back wall to drill a hole to attach a Exterior RV ladder?

I am looking to add a Stromberg Carlson ladder to the back wall of my 21RBS trailer.  My preference would be to install it on the drivers side of the back wall.

The installation instructions I have found online require the ladder to be attached to the Trailer Blocking or Sub Frame.  My assumption is that the exterior skin of the trailer is attached to some framing of some sort.  I wonder if anyone knows what the layout of the framing might be so I can drill successfully into the framing to add the ladder.  That is, are the Joists of the framing (if you will) on 12 or 16 inch centers for example?

If anyone has done this addition please send my pictures of the final install.

Thanks Rod

Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Lots of times with aluminum framed campers with a cold night then a quick warmup with higher humidity will outline the framing for you.
Of course depending on where you are and weather that might be awhile...


I believe that a regular stud finder of the type used on an interior house wall will also work to show you the aluminum studs.


Keep in mind even if you find them they are usually very thin- not sure I'd trust mounting a high load item like a ladder to them.

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Did you ever install the ladder to your 21RBS? If so, could you send me pics and measurements. I want to do the samething.
Ted A.


I assume that a conventional stud finder, such as the sort used to locate studs in a home's interior walls, will also work to locate aluminum studs. slime rancher 2


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