TV Antenna 2018 21RBS Troubleshooting

Started by Canuckrdp, March 21, 2018, 08:41:37 PM

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I have run the AutoScan on the TV in our unit a number of times and it comes back with 0 channels found each time.

Our previous RV had an antenna that used to pick up a number of channels when the scan was run and both units were parked in the same place in front of the house so I am pretty sure it isn't a weak signal issue.

The connection in the ceiling outlet has a tiny push button to turn the antenna on/off.  There is a small led light that turns on green for less than a second when I push the switch on/off but the light doesn't stay on.  The coax connection from the outlet to the TV seems tight on both ends.  I haven't checked if there is an issue on the roof of the trailer but I assume with it being a brand new trailer all is good there as well.

Anyone know what the brand is of the Antenna?  Has anyone experienced a similar issue with their TV not finding any over the air scans for channels?

We are going for our first trip to test out the unit at which point I expect to be able to connect to a cable connection at the site so hopefully a connected cable scan is going to work fine, if not then I obviously have a different problem.

Any input or advice would be helpful in the meantime.

Thanks Rod


I had the exact same issue with our 2017. I checked connections at the tv and amplifier which were ok. I took mine to the dealer under warranty and they found that the antenna was disconnected at the roof. Once fixed, that system actually works very well.
2017 21BHS


Thanks, I'm going to be going up on the roof soon to install anew FanTastic fan as well.

I called the 800 number for Winegard and they were excellent!  Gave me a trouble number and asked me to check all connections roof and inside.  RThey said if is still doesn't work they would replace the unit installed initially.

I am guessing the roof connection is the culprit as you suggested.  Everything inside seems fine however here is what I did to be sure...

I took the plate off and disconnected all coax and power connections.  Then I reconnected the power, tested for 12+V.  That was all good.

I reconnected each coax cable to the back side of the plate and as soon as I touched the the final coax that comes from the antenna to the connecter at the back of the plate the power light on the front of the plate goes off as if there is a short in the system.

I'll keep you posted once I can get up on the roof.  The trailer is stored at a storage lot now as we just got back from our shake down trip last weekend.


Quick update...

As it turned out the Antenna is actually a King Omni-pro which unfortunately doesn't have a good owner's manual.  However I did a bit of troubleshooting myself and tested attaching the coax cables coming through the roof to different ports on the control plate than how it was originally connected.  It all works fine now so I assume at the time of installation someone connected the wrong cables to the wrong port.

I noticed one of the coax cables seemed to have a bit of gunk (technical term) on the edge which I assumed was sealant from passing it through from the roof.  That cable was plugged into the TV port and not the Antenna port.  Made the switch and everything worked fine.


I have had the same problem with my 2018 21RBS. When I first got the trailer I was able to scan and find channels no problem. Now I scan and find nothing. I have check all the internal connections and everything looks good.

Are you removing the connector plate in the ceiling inside? Os that were the faulty connection was or is it on the roof at the antenna?


All the connections were on the inside.  I unscrewed the face plate and changed the coax connection on the underside of the plate.  Make sure that the little green light on the face plate turns green when you depress the button.  If it turns on then I assume your scan should work as designed.

Hope this works.


Tried it. Didn't work. Must be the antenna. I even changed the cable to the TV.