Jeep Camper Legs for my Quicksilver 6.0?

Started by ALF, January 09, 2017, 04:32:11 PM

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I am very happy with just about every part of my Quicksilver 6.0, except for the bunk support legs. The fittings that hold the legs vertical are bent and no longer hold the legs vertical. The legs themselves are kind of lightweight and hard to adjust, particularly in cold weather. I saw a Jeep Camper, with much beefier independent legs and am wondering if it would be possible to buy them. Does anyone have a source or dealer for those legs?


Al F.


  I use two heavy duty mic stands as a back-up. I cut a board that sits on top and connects them. This works quite well as a supplement, My original bed support is still in factory condition.


ALF - The support assembly and legs for the Jeep will not work on the QS.  The bunks may look similar but are internally quite different.
The original Bunk Support Assembly for the QS 6.0 may be ordered from any Livinlite dealer and could be shipped directly to you.  The PN for the Assembly is 201761.