Here is a hand grenade:Has anyone thought about changing out bed to a murphy Bed

Started by jeepgeek, August 24, 2017, 08:31:14 AM

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Quite frankly, I have heard that there are 2 factions within the Travel Trailer Community, those that are ok with Murphy Beds and those that despise them. I love the fact that I can have floor space to use during the day. I realize it is not a small task, but the idea of gaining back the space and looking at retirement in the next couple of years makes me want to at least dream. Anyone else had the same thought?

Capt J-rod

Which model do you have? I have a 21'rbs... The front is a queen. I guess I generally gravitate away from convertible sleeping arrangements. I view them like a Swiss army knife. They are useful, but they usually don't do anything well. We have a jack knife couch. It is not the most comfortable couch, and it is definitely not a comfortable bed. We keep a memory foam topper stowed behind the couch that makes it better. I am going to re upholster the couch this winter and add high density foam. Hopefully this makes it better. I guess if you need the space more than the comfort, go for it. FWIW I have awesome storage under and around my front bed that I would never give up. If it's a toy hauler then that is a different story.


You might try looking at one of the models with a Happy Jack bed... if you don't already have a trailer.