Dometic Awning Adjustments

Started by Jackson, June 24, 2017, 08:23:47 AM

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Are there instructions on how to position the Dometic awning so the one side is high than the other or to remove a low point sag so as to prevent water pooling?


Not sure about instructions but there are screw knows on each arm so you can shorten one and lock in position. We usually lower our rear arm


^That Is precisely what our dealer demonstrated to us!
2017 21BHS


Recently returned from logging many miles on our tbs16 and appreciate the response to my question. Yes, I can add some up or down to the rear support, but not much.  More important to me is to drop the rear and remove the sag in the material that I know will collect rain water if left up during storm weather. We will be added the Dometic screen room and so once up it will stay up.