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Started by jamie, May 28, 2017, 12:51:47 PM

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Woke up early yesterday, was going out to look at a seasonal park to put the trailer in. It's all pretty exciting, a new trailer (6x15TH) that i was going to use for travelling, and I came across a park that is right in the area where I go 'free' camping. Granted it's pretty far away, but I go there anyways and it would cost over 2 grand to store it in the big city where the park would be about 1,800 annually. So it's like a storage spot where I can sleep and have a campfire. Plus it's minutes to the area where I camp. Did I mention it's literally across the hwy from my favorite atv trails? Anyways, back to yesterday morning...

Got the thermos of coffee? Check. Smokes? Check. Oh yeah, bring the water jugs because I'm going to pass by the spring. GPS? Check. Ok, where's the van? The atv? And the trailer it was on? Gone. It took a few seconds to realize they were really gone. They left the bike and the kayak. And the wheel chocks...

The police weren't much help. A traffic cop not assigned to the case came by because he's on the search for some bike thieves, but they're taking sport bikes and mine is a plain jane KLR enduro, so yeah... too ugly to steal. He's just there because I reported the garage has cameras, but no, you can't see the video until monday because that guy is off for the weekend. The insurance people were ok, but again, no info until monday. Just enough time for me to assess the situation. What's the blue book on an '05 GMC safari? No, doesn't matter that it was in awesome shape with low mileage it's still an '05. Oh, that low? Well, the trailer WAS custom built... that has to count for something. Don't forget, you paid 3x as much as a box-store 4x8, you had to have a custom hot dip galvanized trailer that would last forever. What, 2 years ago? Yeah, sure they're gonna give top dollar for that. The quad? Again, almost brand new but it was a 'last year' model with a great out-the-door price and if I want the same basic make and model it's going to be 2-3 grand more than what the 'old' one was. I can't even remember what tools are now gone, just the simple things like straps, the wrench set, the tents and tarps... oh, I just remembered those stupid mosquito nets with the magnets for the early summer drive-ins that I forget where I got. At least I don't have to do the household insurance claim right away, they gave me a few days to get my head around what was taken.

So I guess that's just life in the big city. The report # was close to a million, so that means there's been well over 900,000 calls to report crimes in Toronto in '17, at least it wasn't 911 that needed to be called. And I didn't have to press 1 for an emergency claim when I called the insurance, the call was made in my living room, not at an accident scene. I feel bad about the theft, then I feel bad about feeling bad when there's so much shit going on in the world when all someone did was take some of my stuff. But it was MY stuff. And the SOB's could have at least left the f$%@ing paddle for the kayak.


Sorry to hear this.
This is another example why we keep our toys near us in Florida.   I will use my 45 on any takers, I am old enough to be judged by 12 and do not want to be buried by 6.  It's a d*m shame we can not hang thieves any longer.
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Thanks for the kind words. The response from the police was underwhelming to say the least. Unfortunately just due to space and parking availability keeping a vehicle in a driveway near me is impossible at the moment, but that will change i think this it for me here. This city has changed way too much for me, in too many ways not just crime. One thing for sure, gps trackers will be on everything after this. 2 of them on each, maybe 3!

Another thing is the dealership has been incredible, Destination RV in Waubashene ON. I would have been there this weekend getting the hitch upgraded and wiring done, and they said no worries take my time to replace the TV. I'm going to be storing it there for a while and they're not charging me for that until we get this sorted out and will transport it if i decide to put it in the campground before getting a TV. The insurance has been pretty good too, saved me some on the deductible and is working with me on the custom value of the trailer and camping gear. Oh, did i mention that most of my savings recently went to buying a new camper? In a few months the utility trailer was probably going to be sold and the quad left at a secure campground. A (new?) pick up was in the plan for next year, so the timing of this is unreal. Nothing is going to deviate me from my plan though, some have suggested selling the new camper to fund new vehicles but no freakin' way!

As for the .45, this is Canada. This is an 'unrelated' post so I'll go on a unrelated rant here. The police here are pretty good at catching the violent stuff but respecting protecting your property sucks. It's been a week AND NOT ONE CALL BACK NOTHING. Was basically told to stop calling them. It's not new, many years ago I was charged with assault for taking a bat off a stranger who attacked me in front of my home. Summarily convicted, stay out of trouble for a year and no record, but there's still a record of the charge. Yeah, i thumped him in the process, but it was his bat. I'd move south in a minute, to a place that allows a person to protect their family and property. I shoot and could (somewhat) easily have a long gun here, but you can't even properly protect your gun (which is never for protection itself) if you can believe it. I know guys that reload their own shells because if you buy ammo at the local Canuckian Tire the part time kid behind the counter writes your name and address in a book with what you bought and now there's a shopping list laying around for a criminal to steal whatever he wants. Look up Red River Valley to see how the RCMP searched for and seized guns under the guise of looking for flood survivors under beds of homes that were ordered evacuated.

I've been on a few tours through the north east and really liked New Hampshire, was there for Laconia. Maybe we could work out some sort of swap. Justin Beiber is pretty annoying, you could send him back. Suck at singing but i'm an ok cable splicer. Even get my maple syrup mail order if you don't have any. My grandfather lived in Texas before returning to fight ww2, that's gotta count for something.


...and another thing.

One thing I've learned in this is I should have had an inventory of my camping gear (and all property really). I was just replying to a post here about a heater, when I realized the heater was in the van due to a cool night visit to a drive-in movie recently. All week it's been like this, trying to find pictures of that big tent so I can prove ownership without a receipt, looking for the spare glasses to remember they were on the dashboard, needing an umbrella for the bus(!) ride to work and oh yeah, it was in the...

If just once I had taken a few minutes to put it all together and simply take a video with a short commentary...


Jamie, just read your post and I am so sorry for your troubles. that being said, you seem to have a good sense of humor and outlook on life, and I think you will always land on your feet.. Even tho I felt sorry for you, your writing and story telling was enjoyable. Hope that makes sense. Good luck and happy trails to you, my friend.
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Thank you very much Marsh Hawk. I have a happy update, finally (FINALLY!!) hooked up the 6x15 Quicksilver today for a test run. (Long story short, atv and utility trailer gone, van recovered. Oddly enough they dumped it then meth heads moved in and left me some camping gear, a folding chair and 2 meth pipes. Plus a plastic beaded necklace that I was afraid to touch. Ins paid about 3/4 of the damage). The meth heads were arrested in it and I kind of feel sorry for them really. Maybe this is their wake up call?

The Safari pulls it very well! We hooked it up as a regular hitch and the van dropped almost until the tires went into the wheel well. With the Blue Ox weight distributing hitch set up, it only sags an inch at most and best of all it's even to the front. Acceleration is lacking of course, but zero sway, and the Tekonsha brake controller is smooth as silk. Have to admit that I was worried that it was too much trailer for the van, even though everything added up to less than the 5000lb limit a little part of me was worried that the dealer had overplayed the Quicksilver's tow-ability to ensure a sale. I'm very impressed today. The steel 4x8 trailer would give more movement than the 6x15 did. Even though it was only about a 1 1/2- 2 hr test run, I was able to cover small town roads, secondary and multi lane highways and feel confident the road worthiness is 100%.

So next weekend the new '17 Grizzly will be ready for pick up and a marathon 150km+150km+460km run to pick up the trailer, back to the city to get the atv then up to the trailer park that Latoyha will call home between excursions.


Jamie, I've only just seen your message, but please know that my heart goes out to you. that being said, I believe you will always be able to stand on your own two feet since you have a fantastic sense of humour and view on life. Your writing and storytelling were entertaining, despite my sympathy for your plight. I really hope that made clear. I wish you the best of luck and a safe journey, my buddy.