Replacing 10’ awning with an 8’ awning on 2014 DBS

Started by JimmyChris, October 11, 2023, 09:05:32 PM

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My awning on our 2014 DBS is about ready to be replaced. The fabric is rotting, the left support was clipped by a big rig and slightly bent a couple of years ago, and the pull strap just tore off. I would like to replace the 10' awning with an 8' awning to allow the window on the right side to open without the awning being open. Has anyone done this? I took a quick measurement and if the left support arm is in the same location, the right arm support bracket would be located about 4" into the front wheel well. Looks like I would have to shift the whole awning to the right about 4-5". I would appreciate any suggestions or comments from someone who has successfully done this.


Yes. I provided pictures a while ago. Search this thread.
2014 CL14DB


Yes, I agree. Since quite some time ago, I have been sending pictures to you. Look for this thread and try to find it.


There are third parties that provide professional installation. You can contact them to ensure product safety and quality.


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