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Started by Keve, September 19, 2022, 12:51:17 AM

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Hello, I have a question about overall website SEO optimization. I have one site that I am working on at the moment and would like it to be very search engine friendly. Currently, it shows 2 critical errors that I need to fix in WordPress to make it search engine friendly. The question is: how to " reduce the number of used CSS files. " and "reduce the number of used JavaScript files."? I have installed multiple CSS and JS compression plugins in WordPress, but they all warn that some data might be lost if you compress (reduce) CSS or JS files, so I haven't compressed them, I don't want to mess up my site. But is there any other solution how to fix those errors?


By 'reducing the number of CSS and JS files', it probably meant to reduce the number of files for each page by merging them. How many of such files do you have for each page?
By the way, with google Chrome, if you go on the page and open the developper tools (Right-click / 'inspect'), you can generate a performance/SEO report by clicking on the item 'lighthouse'.


Have you managed to merge all the files?
I face the same issues with my website at the moment. I tried to merge some files with the help of WPRocket plugin, and it turned into a complete mess. Some files disappeared completely at one time with information and data. Now I have no clue how to restore everything, at least at the phase it was before using the plugin. I'm curious if this plugin caused the same issues for some other people?
I invested a lot of money in manual link building service, content rewriting, videos/pictures/keywords optimization and can't imagine starting all over again.


If you want to completely remove unused CSS, you can use a tool like PurifyCSS to determine how much CSS file size can be reduced. Once you've identified the CSS code to be removed, you must manually remove it from the page.