Tent trailer repair in the Portland, Oregon area

Started by Greg Gray, August 02, 2022, 12:55:35 PM

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Greg Gray

I live in Portland, Oregon and I have a Quicksilver 8.1. I am looking for a company that can replace the rubber gasket, repair/replace the hinge assembly, and the sealant around the outside of the two sides that close up.


I hope you have found the company you are looking for, I try to do this kind of work myself, but sometimes when I can't, I get help from companies like you, if you have enough time, try playing moto x3m, this game will make you feel good.


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To find a company that can perform the specific repairs you mentioned for your Quicksilver 8.1 in Portland, Oregon, you may consider doing the following:
RV Service Centers: Look for RV service centers or repair shops in your local area that specialize in camper repairs. You can search online directories or use search engines to find businesses that offer RV repair services.

Local RV Dealerships: Contact local RV dealerships in Portland and inquire if they provide repair services. Even if they primarily sell RVs, many dealerships have service departments that can handle repairs.