Spring Startup from Winterized !

Started by 7thunders, March 22, 2017, 08:33:32 AM

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Does anyone have a step by step start up of a travel trailer after its been winterized, NOW Ready for SPRING?
Like battery hook up, to water lines opening/setup/hotwater heater  draining/flushing winterized anti-freeze etc.............
Having had a run through back in November how do things, obviously one needs the experience to do remember all
that needs to be done in spring when your ready to get going!
I had a great walk thru back in November but sheesh, one should record it all to remember it all.
thanks in advance.
Everyone please chime in as there may be various ways eveyone does this.
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It totally depends on how the unit was winterized. If it was drained down and blown dry, then you don't need to do anything. Just fill up the tank and turn on the water faucets until all of the air blows out and you are ready to go.

If you flushed with RV antifreeze, then there are two procedures depending on how you did it:

If you bypassed the water heater and drained it down and then flushed with antifreeze, make sure the bypass valves are set to normal, fill the water tank and open each hot and cold water faucet until the antifreeze is pushed through and you get clear water out. It may take a few minutes of flushing each faucet to get there.

If you didn't (and I hope that you did) use the bypass so that you filled the water heater with antifreeze, then you have a bigger chore. First remove the drain plug and drain out all of the antifreeze. Replace the plug. Fill the water tank and open one of the hot water faucets and let run for a minute or so to make sure that the hot water tank is full. Shut off the faucet and the water pump and drain the hot water heater again. Then repeat the hot water flush. It will probably smell and taste ok after the second fill and flush. Then do the cold water as above.

Electrical depends again on what was done in the fall. If the battery was removed and put on a trickle charger (the best way) then reinstall. If the battery was left installed with shore power connected then it is ready to go. If the battery was just left in place, then there is some chance it ran down and froze. If so replace it.

Good luck. And while you are dewinterizing, think about how you will winterize it again in the fall.



Don't forget to make sure the toilet water supply is properly drained.  The replacement part is over $40.  And, of course, the fine print in a brochure tells you to do this, but never had to do so with previous trailers.   Been there, didn't do that, got the T-shirt at a cost of over $40 !   Backpackerdude.


I am finally (thanks to work keeping me away from using the trailer!) getting my trailer ready for use.
I had antifreeze in my lines, and flushed the cold water lines, and the hot water lines to the best of my ability, but when I run the hot water from the kitchen tap, or the shower for that matter, i get a lot of foam coming out.  there is still the occasional sputter of air in the line (doesn't happen with the cold water line).  i have used the release valve at the top of thehot water tank on the outside to try to get whatever air out there, but i get foam out of there too.

the last time i took the plug/rod out, it shot across the yard like a missile.  I am assuming that I have to turn the pump off, drain the hot water line (by the grey/black water attachment) and empty the tank again, fill again, and empty again?  like DavidM said?


it was foaming with antifreeze smell, but now it is just foaming....



Foam from the hot water tank release valve indicates that you have anti-freeze in the tank that still needs to be rinsed. I'd put the plug/rod back in and fill the tank again via the city water connection, leave the release valve open so that air can escape.  When water starts coming out the release valve stop the water and pull the plug/rod again. Do this as many times as it takes to get clear water.  You can also fill the tank by holding a garden hose up to the opening for the plug/rod instead of using city water connection.  As David mentioned, if you have a water heater bypass use it when you winterize so that you don't put anti-freeze into the hot water tank. I'm assuming that you didn't put anti-freeze into your freshwater tank?


While the normal foamy hot water is still present, don't forget to sanitize the system. It will save some time and water.