Convert Queen Bed into Single Bed Tiny Home Bedroom

Started by Molly, September 02, 2020, 11:41:48 AM

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My trailer is now toast (see other posts) but the one thing I did while I owned it for a lovely 6 months or so to make it livable for a single gal to chill and work while traveling is to remove the queen bed, use a single bed, and add a table and two wicker baskets for storage in the extra space.

Can use this idea for any size bed (i.e. convert a king size space to a queen size bed and add shelving, etc.) and made it so much more comfortable to use.

Plus I think is really cute :)


The dinette space I opened up a bit by putting a folded up small blanket under the nice, large, comfy dinette cushion (so no moisture to the cushion from the metal frame and always nice to have extra), then decorator pillows for the back. Is a lot more comfy to sit imho than having the back dinette cushions which don't let you lean back.

These cushions I found in the size for the small Camplite dinette - and are excellent, firm, no odor, look amazing -