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220 V, what country are you in?

Anyway, for the fridge and slide all the power does is operate the converter. The slide is 12V in all cases, and the fridge does use 110 V power when plugged in (Auto mode).

Do other 12V items (Fans, lights) work when on Battery (if not, it is the connection to the battery itself, check the fuse near the battery). If they do, it is something inside the converter (fuses???)

I figured it out, my PDU had blown fuses and wouldn't charge the battery so After fixing that it solved my problems! a 5cent fuse GRRR!

It's always a good idea to keep some extra fuses on hand, just think about where you are when you need one.

This happened to me as well. I just started the truck and the umbilical gave the motor enough juice to close the slide.

Yup, just plug in the Tow Vehicle

CampLite Travel Trailers / Re: Swintec slide out problem
« on: November 06, 2018, 08:34:40 AM »
        Thanks for your reply, and your situation is exactly what I was afraid of !!!!  If you don't mind telling me , how much did this end up costing you? I hope I can find a service center reasonably close to me that has someone on staff who knows the system. I'll let you know. Thanks again.

In the end it cost me $3,500 CDN, and some was covered by Livin' Lite for some parts, still quite pricey.

Make sure you get someone who understands the system, even though my choice was a Camplite dealer, and a Schwintek OEM provider, I seemed to understand the system as a whole better than they did.

CampLite Travel Trailers / Re: Swintec slide out problem
« on: November 05, 2018, 08:34:56 AM »
I had an issue with my slide in that the bottom was still sticking out when the slide was in. The process mentioned to "Sync" the system only works on the side to side alignment, the top to bottom can only be fixed by removing the slide mechanism, and replacing. This is because they are locked together by a rod. There is a "Maintenance" kit that replaces the slide "Bushings" and a few rollers, that was tried on mine but to no avail.

Mine was in the shop for months, and it took them 3 tries to fix it (final try involved a completely new mechanism). might be a good place to find repair manuals so you can at least be up to speed on how it all works.

Trust me, I feel your pain.

We took the settlement, any further damage to the roof / front would have the money paid so far deducted first. Any thing we fix (Awning, AC Shroud) would be like new, any other damage (other than roof / front) is as new.

Too many people (and some experts) were screaming to not tear it apart. Come next year I am going to see if I can do some minor dent repair on my own, and get it re-inspected then.

Suffice to say camping season is done for the year  :'(

CampLite Travel Trailers / Re: Hail?
« on: September 22, 2018, 12:04:00 PM »
Had hail damage to my trailer last August (golf ball sized).  Was actually glad to be in the little tank rather than the alternative.

Damage was all cosmetic (other than plastic vents and plastic covers on roof).  Awnings and side panels were left unscathed.

I decided to repair, roof was cover by insurance (~$5k) and I used my local RV dealer.  The dealer is where I bought my Camp Lite so they had knowledge of the construction (which i felt was important).   

The replaced all the plastic bits, put a new sheet of roof aluminum, front top curved panel and re-gooped / sealed.  The most complex part was the top curved piece at the front as it needed to bent and paint matched. The front on the 14DBS is made of two overlapping pieces of painted aluminum (on top) and one diamond plate on the bottom.

How is this repair holding up, we have the same issue on our 21RBS and I am concerned fixing a cosmetic thing and having bigger problems.

CampLite Travel Trailers / We got hit with Hail, but replace the roof/front?
« on: September 22, 2018, 12:00:51 PM »
Well, back in the beginning of August, we got hit with hail. A busted roof vent, hole in the AC shroud, damage to the awning, and, of course, dents in the roof (metal) and the front orbit.

Fast forward, we just got the estimate, $7,000.00 to do repairs.

To be honest, the dents are on the roof, and top of the front orbit, and you can't see them from the ground. My concern, is fixing something completely cosmetic worth the risk of all that structural work.

Now here's the kicker, insurance company says fix it or there is no insurance for hail for the entire trailer going forward. Sorta forces my hand.

I saw a thread describing the same issue, wonder how things turned out.

CampLite Travel Trailers / Re: 2018 cl21 rbs plat dry camping
« on: July 15, 2018, 06:53:35 PM »
If you use a cpap that runs off of AC you'll need to figure out a workable solution. 

I was able to run my CPAP (no Humidifier) using a 12V adapter, and portable booster pack (I think it has a 25 ah battery in it). An old 15 watt solar panel I had charges it each day fully, so I was able to work that one out. Mind you, you could also run it off of the trailer battery, using the 12V or an inverter (Sine Wave would be better)

CampLite Travel Trailers / Re: 2018 cl21 rbs plat dry camping
« on: July 11, 2018, 08:42:33 AM »
We used to do dry all the time in the tent trailer (it had full shower / toilet as well).

In our 21RBS we have been using hookups more, but, are now leaning back to dry as we got it figured out now for our Weekend getaways.

Propane, just filled a tank, can't remember the last time (not last year so...), and there are 2 up front, so, this is not a limiting factor.

Power, we have an 80 folding solar panel, even running the furnace over night, this will give us a full charge each day, so this is not a limit (remember, no AC or Convection oven).

Water, one full tank, 2 people, 2 days (with showers). We also have a way to add water from buckets, and drain gray, without moving the trailer, so we can extend this until black is full (about 5 days, but by then, you want to dump that anyway :P)

Give it a try.


Yes, we knew this day would arrive, we will hang onto our 2014 21rbs period. And if you are wanting one, buy now, they will be harder and harder to find.

At least they should hold their value well, especially the earlier all aluminum ones.

CampLite Travel Trailers / Re: Porch light 2017 11FK
« on: November 22, 2017, 09:09:55 AM »
A fellow Astronomer.

You may have to do what I do, and just tape some red flag plastic over it during the "Star Parties".

I do the same to the interior lights as well. Use painters tape.

Clear Skies!

CampLite Travel Trailers / Re: Wheel Covers
« on: October 11, 2017, 08:15:28 AM »
I use them on mine, mostly while the trailer is in storage.

I have long been told it is better to protect them from the UV, so...

General Q & A / Re: Vail Sport Tires
« on: September 19, 2017, 09:16:07 AM »
Well, this past weekend found that our tires (those Vail Sport) had some cracks in the sidewall. They only had about 3 years and 12,000 km on them. Besides the tread was wearing quite bad on them too. Was going to replace them next spring anyway, just had to do it a bit sooner.

Went with some Westlake radial tires (recommended by my tire guy as they have had few if any problems with them), and trust me when I say it was like night and day pulling now. No more wagging back there any more.

Some food for thought!

Product Questions and Recommendations / Re: CO2 manual for 21BHS?
« on: June 28, 2017, 07:46:09 AM »
You are correct, but in this case I think he meant the Carbon Monoxide (CO) detector was beeping. That is what I was referring to.

Don't think that detector is looking for CO2 (correct me if I am wrong). I think it is looking for CO and Propane leaks.

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