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No, I have a 2018 21RBS.

Quite frankly, I have heard that there are 2 factions within the Travel Trailer Community, those that are ok with Murphy Beds and those that despise them. I love the fact that I can have floor space to use during the day. I realize it is not a small task, but the idea of gaining back the space and looking at retirement in the next couple of years makes me want to at least dream. Anyone else had the same thought?

I own a 21RBS and did not get the 24" since I am handy with electronics and not scared to try offsets and the such. I ended up getting one of these: It fits vertically perfectly without an offset. When the swivel is locked it is about 1/2" into the door area. I attached a pic showing my installation. The built in streaming apps actually work well to give you more content. We attached a "Free" thumbdrive that I acquired from a tradeshow to give us the ability to pause live TV without a DVR.

I tested the one in the Bathroom and it turned everything off, any others?

I did that. And the outlet on the opposite side works.

Hello from North Central Alabama. We just bought a new CL21RBS from a dealer that is 3+ hours from our home. Our first night of camping on a shakedown trip we tried to power our CPAPs and the outlet on the Door side is not working. Am I missing something or is there something I can check?

Thanks for the help.


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