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Upgrades and Modifications / Re: Tonneau Cover Group Buy
« on: July 16, 2018, 09:43:19 PM »
About the snaps, the suggestion of a boat outfitter is a good one,. Maybe also try an awning company, or an outdoor upholstery supplier. In a pinch, I once had a bootmaker install some heavy duty grommets in some Sunbrella material for a (non-camper-related) project I was working on. Good luck with the venture!

New Members / Re: About to buy a 13 BHB! (our first LL/CL)
« on: July 16, 2018, 09:36:07 PM »

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Thank you!! I had to chuckle when I read you reply, because my husband wants to trade in the Edge at some point for a pick-up. We've had a need for a pick-up several times doing various projects around the house and yard. I did a bunch of research and settled on a Tacoma, how funny! So once we get the new camper taken care of, we'll begin the search for that. (Although I just saw a creamy-light-blue Subaru Outback V6 in a parking lot today, and wouldn't that just look perfect with the light blue camper?!)

Just a few days left until we leave and we are getting giddy. The wire transfer from our bank to the Canadian bank will take a little longer than we expected to go through, so we may have to stay there (in the dealer's parking lot, with full hookups!) a few extra days before we can head back home. We were talking to the banker about why we're traveling so far to get the camper, and unless someone gets it, they just don't get it, you know? I really had no idea how rare Livin Lites are until i joined this forum.

I couldn't figure out if you are in NH and drove to TX to pick up, or the other way round, but if you are in NH, we will wave as we drive up that way and skirt New England. We won't this year (because of this unplanned expense that we couldn't pass up!) but we like to go to Maine at least once each year. Who knows, maybe we could meet up?

General Q & A / Re: Livin Lite "no wood", BS
« on: July 13, 2018, 02:57:17 PM »
No wood? That's BS! Let's let Livin Lite prove that.

Have you seen any of the construction videos on YouTube? I didn't see any wood. I've heard some issues with the newer year models having fiberglass and steel in places, and owners aren't happy about the demise of the once acclaimed all-aluminum construction, but other than that, I've seen no evidence of wood anywhere.

For Sale / Re: 2013 Livin Lite 16BHB
« on: July 11, 2018, 01:48:20 AM »
I understand, but it's over 20 hours one way, I wonder how often people drive that far.

We are leaving in about a week and a half to drive to another country to get ours! It's "only" about a 10-hour drive one way, but having to deal with foreign currency exchange rates, and then the hassle of getting it from Canada over the border to the US, that just adds a whole other level of complexity that we've never encountered, whether buying an RV or anything else for that matter.

That said, we had a model with very specific options and floorplan in mind. To be honest, I didn't expect to ever find one of these actually having been manufactured, much less one available for sale, mostly within our budget, and relatively within geographical reach. We HAD to jump at it when we found it. Until now, I'd only seen this layout in floorplan sketches from Livin Lite's advertising materials.

We are trading up from a brand that is carried at just about any large dealer anywhere across the country. I couldn't imagine making the trek like this for something like our current pop-up. Think of it like an antique car; when you find one that's close enough to what you've been searching for, you'll do what it takes to get it.

I also should add that my husband just happened to have a good span of time off from work at the end of the month, so the timing of this couldn't have been more perfect. (We viewed it as yet another "sign" that this was meant to be!) It would have been a lot tougher to make this work if it were during the school year, for example. But even then, I don't think we would have written it off without at least giving it the good ol' college try.

New Members / Re: About to buy a 13 BHB! (our first LL/CL)
« on: July 09, 2018, 08:39:31 PM »
Great find, that tip out bunk 13BHB is great layout for small camper   :)

Post pics when you have them, we all like to see the rarer floor plans.

We still have another 11 days (ahem, not counting down or anything!) until we take delivery of our new baby, but we did get a thorough walk-through video from the dealer today. The previous owner made some nice mods that we'll probably keep. This video gives a really good feel for what we've got to look forward to.

You can see the corrosion on the exterior door that I mentioned, but that will all be covered by warranty; the dealer is installing a new door. It just won't be the same light blue color. (They could match it for us, but we'd rather spend that $1k+ on something else.)

The dealer is also going to be installing a ceiling a/c, which he mentions in the video. And we've asked about having a small under-counter radio/CD-player put in, speakers wired to it, and a swivel tv bracket to the left of the upper kitchen area cabinets so my husband can put a small tv in there. Rather, *I* will be the one to do the work installing it, but my husband will be the one to watch the tv. I think I'd rather just lie on the bunk and listen to everything through the screen canvas. :)

I'm also going to be fashioning some sort of bed extension platform so that the tip-out can more comfortably hold 2 grown adults.

I think DavidM has an informal meet-up going on (August maybe?) near Schroon Lake NY.  There's a thread on it somewhere.

Thanks, I'll look for that.  :)

I know this is an old thread, but we would LOVE to meet other CampLiters. We are in southern PA (between York and Baltimore), but we have traveled in our current pop-up all along the eastern states, from Tennessee up to Maine, and would be willing to plan trips around others who want to meet. We are traveling up to Ontario in a couple weeks to go pick up our new-to-us Camp Lite, and plan on staying up there near the dealer for a few days to work out any kinks before the long drive back to PA.

CampLite Travel Trailers / Re: Shower drains into black tank
« on: July 02, 2018, 05:37:42 PM »
I should not let my husband know this. It would give him more reason to insist on peeing in the shower. (I told him that's what the woods are for.)

New Members / Re: About to buy a 13 BHB! (our first LL/CL)
« on: July 02, 2018, 03:58:31 PM »
Great find, that tip out bunk 13BHB is great layout for small camper   :)

Post pics when you have them, we all like to see the rarer floor plans.

Will do! Upon learning that tip-out is only 48" wide, which is narrower than a full, I'm going to have MacGuyver some sort of supported extension that can flip-up/flip-down inside the living space, but that's a small concession to get such a remarkable layout, otherwise.

Would you say the 13 BHBs are harder to come by than the 13 RDBs? I really had trouble finding any info or images online of either one of these layouts, especially with that interior flip-down bunk along the curve of the front wall.

New Members / About to buy a 13 BHB! (our first LL/CL)
« on: June 30, 2018, 11:20:49 PM »
Hi! We are in the process of buying what we think is our "perfect" camper. We've been pop-uppers since we started RVing, but no we're turning to the dark side, as they say. Like all RVers I'm sure, we've talked about what features we'd put into a trailer if we could design it ourselves. I had no idea Camplites existed when I started doing that. I thought for sure we wanted a tent bed, because that's what we love about the pop-ups. Had to have a fridge, sink, and toilet. Inside shower would be nice but necessary if there were an outside shower. And one of those dinette tables that isn't fixed in place, so you can take it outside if you need to. And it would be so nice not to have to a separate bed where you don't have to break down your dining table every night to go to sleep. Oh, and we have a 9-year-old munchkin who goes along with us, so he should probably have a nice place to sleep, too. Once in a while we'll have a couple or a parent and some kids stay with us, so an extra bed (even if it's the dinette) would be handy--but not to take up room as beds all the time. A/C is a must. And after our first pop-up, which was quite used when we got it, we learned the hard way that there really is no alternative to all-aluminum construction. We'll never go back to wood.

So in my head, I had this idea. Had no idea this concept existed! Then I saw floor plans for the Camplite BHB with the tip-out bunk option, and the additional option of the interior fold-don bunkbed over the dinette. Oh my gosh, and the colors it came in! But they don't make those anymore. And I couldn't find any for sale with those two options together. I figured people just didn't opt for the hybrid bunk along with the interior fold-down bunk for whatever reason.

And then it happened. We found one for sale. (Oh heavens, and it's baby blue.) OK, so it's an 8-hour drive from us, and it's in another country (we're in the US, it's in Canada). But we took the plunge. Put down a deposit, and we'll go to pick it up in a couple weeks.

What on earth have we gotten ourselves into?!?

I'm excited to find an online community. It seems like CL owners are a tight little group. I'd only ever seen one other CL at a campground we were at, and it was definitely the talk of the campground.

Mel, Tom, and Ben
'13 Ford Edge
'14 CL-13BHB hybrid
Southern PA

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