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QuickSilver Tent Campers / Re: New Unit Leaks Profusely
« on: June 27, 2018, 05:11:32 PM »
Those are great and valid points, which is why I made sure that my time stamped pics and videos were taken and I took the unit to the dealer before I started sealing the top. At this point, I have to proceed if I want to save our vacation as the dealer said it may be weeks before all of this is sorted out. We leave for vacation in 2 weeks. From the day we purchased this thing we were talking about how fun the quicksilver was going to be for vacation but as you can see (if you had a chance to review the pics and video) the unit is not usable without sealing the seams. Trust me, the top is already ruined.....from the leaks and stains. I really do not blame Livin Lite as the tent top is made by Top Stitch. However, this needs to get sorted out quickly and it would be a shame if they do not "make it right" as we have been thinking about purchasing an additional Living Lite Toy Hauler for our other excursions. We use this unit as base camp for going to family land which requires the off-road package, 2 creek crossings, AWD/4WD, etc.

I think you need to contact Top Stitch?

QuickSilver Tent Campers / Re: New Unit Leaks Profusely
« on: June 26, 2018, 03:19:25 PM »
We dropped off the unit last week so the dealer can do the submission to Livin Lite, etc. I will keep everyone posted when I hear back. In the meantime, I have started seam sealing with the Gear Aid brand. It took about 3 tubes to do most of the "upper" area of the tent, and I am going to buy another 3 to do the side areas of the tent. Sure enough, the sides leak water too. I can only do about 5 minutes at a time because the fumes from the sealer are very strong, but they do dissipate in a couple of hours. I am trying to get the seam sealing knocked out before our yearly beach trip because I have no idea how long it will take to get a replacement....or if I will get a replacement. Plus, the seam sealer stuff is about 8 bucks a tube.

QuickSilver Tent Campers / Re: Cleaning canvas top
« on: June 20, 2018, 08:59:31 AM »
I used the 303 viny and fabric cleaner on the top (to remove some tree and pollen dirt), with a pole brush from amazon. Then I used the same cleaner on the inside to try and remove stains on the inside where the seams leak. My top looks great but it is newer, and I got about 80% of the stains off of the inside material. I have a bunch on new stains inside from where it leaked this weekend, so I am going to try the Chemical Brothers Fabric cleaner this time around for the inside.....but I do recommend the 303 vinyl and fabric cleaner for the top outside.

QuickSilver Tent Campers / New Unit Leaks Profusely
« on: June 18, 2018, 11:51:11 AM »
We purchased a brand new 2018 8.0 this Spring. As you can see from the attached video and photos, we did not do much sleeping Saturday night as our until took on tons of water from the seams. Not only have I tried/performed the "curing" process several times, but this is the 2nd time (out of 3 outings) that this new Quicksilver has leaked. But this weekend was intolerable, and I actually have video of water dripping on my wife as she was trying to sleep (not posting that one). It really is dishearting as I talked her into this purchase. 

Pics attached. Notice the one pic with the metal that is cut too short and just open to let in water, etc. That is at the lower righthand side of the trailer. If I was to drive in any rain all of the road spray water would just flood in.

I understand that new things have issues, and the need for warranty work, etc. but once I found that total QC/lack of inspection (pic 0443) uneven cut job...I just feel that I made a bad decision and there really is no "quality" or "well made" RV out there. I searched for a rugged, no rot, no rust, off-road capable RV so we could get to our family land. We were planning on purchasing an additional CampLite 16 for our "normal" campground and weekend outing needs next season. Again, I was drawn to the whole no rot, no rust, etc., but if Thor or whoever can't get these simple rugged rigs right, then I really do not think there is really any such thing as a "quality" RV.

Yes, ours is 2018, purchased new this Spring. I have some photos I am attempting to attach of the awful exterior work and the cover that is already crumbling after just 2 trips out.

We purchased our 8.0 three months ago. We have taken it out twice, one trip to Charlotte Motor Speedway, and one trip to family land in the NC mountains. Getting to family land is slightly rugged with creek crossings so the Off-Road package was right up our alley. In just two outings we are seeing QC issues as well. The awning zipper fell off on the second trip, so the awning is now unusable. The vinyl flooring is "bubbled up" or bowed up in front of the galley. One of the tent snaps will not snap on, allowing bugs to enter. However the tonneau cover snaps fine in the same spot when covering, so it must be the tent. The tent leaks heavily around the seams, but not at the windows. I made sure to season it, but that really hasn't helped. I spent an hour or so this weekend trying to get the stains off of the interior (used a horse hair brush and 303). This helped, but I have permanent stains and well, it leaks...a lot. Did I mention it has only been out to camp twice? Now, here is the saddest part....I was washing the unit and I noticed a very sizeable hole in the diamond plating, on the right side, where the front and side meets. I was blown away. It looked as if whoever was cutting messed up and veered off the template or something....but somehow decided to use the same piece anyway! The only reason I did not see it earlier is because it is near the AC unit and at the bottom. But it is truly sad. I will try to get a pic of that later today.  I will get other pics the next time I open up the camper, maybe this weekend....if they are not calling for rain here. I really want to love this unit. Affordable, no wood, light, rugged, etc. but just really bad workmanship and corner cutting. 

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