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QuickSilver Tent Campers / Bike Rack Solution
« on: May 06, 2018, 05:03:41 PM »
Occasionally, members post asking for bike rack options and solutions. Here is something I finished up last month. I borrowed this idea from a member on another user group and modified it to accomodate two bikes.

The racks are 1UP USA roof racks. Not the cheapest option, but well worth every penny. The racks are milled aluminum and made in the USA. The rack's only contact point with the bike is on the tires. (Long term friction rub is a concern, especially with carbon fiber bikes.) I've been using one of their hitch mounted racks practically year round (NE winters...) for over 5 years and have had zero issues.

The mounting bracket were from McMaster-Carr.

QuickSilver Tent Campers / 2018 Benches - Update
« on: August 15, 2017, 11:51:37 AM »
As I'm in the middle of a factory ordered 8.1, any unexpected changes to the Quicksilver lineup was an obvious concern.   

I contacted my salesman at the RV dealership, who then put me in touch with The Regional Sales Representative. The following is the information he provided regarding the removeability of the benches. (Livinlite Rep comments in Blue )

To give you some background… we have always used the same rotocast benches that we use today. That’s never changed but a year ago we did some other changes that effected the wheels wells. The change pushed the necessity to cut the bench so that it still fit over the wheel well. This did take away the ability to use the bench as a cooler and it took away some of the stability. To improve the stability, we started screwing the dinette benches to the floor. That’s how we’ve come to today. Now the exciting part…. (or the rest of the story as Paul Harvey might say)
We are changing the configuration of the rotocast benches. I’ve taken a picture of the old style (upside down) and the new style (upside down) so you can see how they’ve changed. Starting this week, any order will get the new bench with the space to accept the wheel well. It’ll reinstitute the flexibility and your ability to use the bench as a cooler.

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