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QuickSilver Tent Campers / Quality Control Problems with my 2018 10.0
« on: October 04, 2017, 05:29:58 PM »
I'm really frustrated with some quality control issues I've been fighting with my 2018 model 10.0. All the LivinLite dealers near me are reluctant to do any work on it too, since it's a tent camper and not a travel trailer. I dropped it off at one of them and the service tech acted like it was completely foreign to him, even though they service LivinLites. Maybe it's just because they don't sell many, but it was not confidence inspiring.

I'm looking to see if anyone else has had these issues and what everyone's experience has been with warranty repairs.

1. Leaking tent (even after getting "pre-conditioned" 3 times) 4 spots along the driver side top seam leak badly.
2. Faulty wiring. The running lights don't stay on and I discovered today that the right and left turn signals are wired backwards.
3. Side marker lights, the LEDs in them are all the wrong color. The red lights in rear have amber colored LEDs and the amber lights in front have red colored LEDs
4. Galley screws are wearing holes in the floor.
5. Bench/storage box screw is pulled out of the wall, causing a gap and movement at that location.
6. Spare tire is mounted crooked because it's rubbing against a corner of a frame rail. This can't be good for the tire.
7. Exterior bottom of floor is delaminated and obviously came from the factory that way because it is tucked under a frame rail from when it was put together. Under the black part that's pulled back is basically brown cardboard exposed to the elements.

I am seriously wondering what kind of care went into building this. Clearly no attention to detail and weak quality control. I'm hoping to talk to someone from LivinLite directly but I have yet to hear back and can't find any phone numbers to call.

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