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New Members / About to buy a 13 BHB! (our first LL/CL)
« on: June 30, 2018, 11:20:49 PM »
Hi! We are in the process of buying what we think is our "perfect" camper. We've been pop-uppers since we started RVing, but no we're turning to the dark side, as they say. Like all RVers I'm sure, we've talked about what features we'd put into a trailer if we could design it ourselves. I had no idea Camplites existed when I started doing that. I thought for sure we wanted a tent bed, because that's what we love about the pop-ups. Had to have a fridge, sink, and toilet. Inside shower would be nice but necessary if there were an outside shower. And one of those dinette tables that isn't fixed in place, so you can take it outside if you need to. And it would be so nice not to have to a separate bed where you don't have to break down your dining table every night to go to sleep. Oh, and we have a 9-year-old munchkin who goes along with us, so he should probably have a nice place to sleep, too. Once in a while we'll have a couple or a parent and some kids stay with us, so an extra bed (even if it's the dinette) would be handy--but not to take up room as beds all the time. A/C is a must. And after our first pop-up, which was quite used when we got it, we learned the hard way that there really is no alternative to all-aluminum construction. We'll never go back to wood.

So in my head, I had this idea. Had no idea this concept existed! Then I saw floor plans for the Camplite BHB with the tip-out bunk option, and the additional option of the interior fold-don bunkbed over the dinette. Oh my gosh, and the colors it came in! But they don't make those anymore. And I couldn't find any for sale with those two options together. I figured people just didn't opt for the hybrid bunk along with the interior fold-down bunk for whatever reason.

And then it happened. We found one for sale. (Oh heavens, and it's baby blue.) OK, so it's an 8-hour drive from us, and it's in another country (we're in the US, it's in Canada). But we took the plunge. Put down a deposit, and we'll go to pick it up in a couple weeks.

What on earth have we gotten ourselves into?!?

I'm excited to find an online community. It seems like CL owners are a tight little group. I'd only ever seen one other CL at a campground we were at, and it was definitely the talk of the campground.

Mel, Tom, and Ben
'13 Ford Edge
'14 CL-13BHB hybrid
Southern PA

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