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QuickSilver Toy Haulers / Re: Manuals for items
« on: May 06, 2019, 10:35:48 PM »
The Dometic A/C manual is actually on this site in the Appliance Manuals section...

And yes google popped up the 4751ks manual in .53 seconds...


About the fan manual and it's details.  Turns out after talking to the "guy" at the factory you have to pull part of the cowling or screen to get the SN (which I did) in order to actually find out which "manual" you need.  See, somehow they made some fans that are not specifically listed in some manuals and the manual says they only come in so and so color or configuration but that is actually wrong.  And that was my case.

It has been too long with too many drugs/treatments/therapies for me to bother to explain to you or anyone else, all the details but I got it sorted.

Sooo.... I kept at it and ignored the internet forum snarkyness I have seen so many times in the past.  Like I don't know about 5000 replies in .54 seconds that are worthless.

But for some reason I got to this site and post again today and decided to....welll.....toss a cap full of gas.

So, thanks for nothing.  But I am fine now.

QuickSilver Toy Haulers / Manuals for items
« on: August 01, 2018, 05:20:14 PM »
Hello all,
Just bought a 8.5x26 - 2018 Woohoo!   :)
But am missing manuals on a few items.
Dealer says they don't have them.
Livin Lite customer service person said to join here and I could find them all.
The MaxxAir people said they "might" be able to get them but they have "5000 products and only 5 people in the section...and we don't have time to answer emails"  :o

Sooooo,  Anybody have knowledge on how to get a manual for the main AC unit (Dometic 13.5) or the MaxxAir 4751KS?

Thanks in advance.

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