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Title: Composite floor and wiring
Post by: Jeepsk8 on November 26, 2017, 04:11:28 PM
I just purchased a 2018 6.0 off road edition. Actually bought it on the way to go camping, somewhat on a whim, and just got back with it. All in all I enjoyed my weekend not having to crawl around in a tent and sleeping on the ground. When I got back I decided to crawl under the camper and have a look around, curious about the floor primarily. I found 2 cable clamps just hanging on to the cable bundles and a hole where a screw was holding each of them to the floor at one time. This is a little disconcerting to say the least. All the other clamps appear to be securely fastened, but my spidey sense tells me there are going to be further problems here. The composite floor just doesn't (in my opinion) have the structural capability to keep screws secured that are under stress like those ones are. I sent a request via my dealers website to contact me regarding it and I just received an email (Sunday, btw) from the owner that they will call me tomorrow. I have a few other issues but this is the biggest one for me. Stay tuned.

p.s. I actually don't mind the composite floor, it seems sturdy to walk on. Time will tell.
Title: Re: Composite floor and wiring
Post by: DavidM on November 26, 2017, 04:41:05 PM
Others have noted the same thing with fasteners pulling out from the top. Apparently the floor laminate doesn't have much strength to hold screws from the top or the bottom. Obviously LL is having some teething pains with the floor laminate. If the laminate is thick enough then they probably should use expansion anchors for stuff like this.

I would get some epoxy paste and mix up enough to put a glob underneath the cable clamp and around the screw threads. Then poke the screw back in place to hold it until the epoxy sets. With a blob of epoxy underneath the clamp, you should be fine. Or if you are brave, drill up from the bottom but not through the top layer and put a very short expansion anchor in place of the screw.

And if that is your biggest problem, then things are looking better with build quality.

Title: Re: Composite floor and wiring
Post by: Jeepsk8 on November 26, 2017, 09:30:13 PM
The screws are gone. I'm going to give the dealer the first crack at it before I fix it right. Not sure why they just didn't go right into the aluminum frame to be honest. I have lots of sharp edges on stuff, and I have already ripped the mattress cover while opening the bunk. Not sure if I'll complain on that or not since I didn't pay attention to what I was doing. Maybe I'll just kind of bring it up and see. I certainly don't see most of the build issues that others are talking about though. Mine was built in July 2017, btw.