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Title: CampLite axle lift and tire upgrade
Post by: jv45 on August 19, 2020, 11:42:52 AM
Hi all,

We purchased a used 2012 Livin'Lite CampLite 13RDB several years ago and have thoroughly enjoyed the camper.  Love the aluminum frame and light weight for towing.  However, we find ourselves wanting to do more dispersed camping on our public lands and would like more ground clearance on the camper to better navigate these roads and trails.  I've looked into an axle lift kit for the Dexter Torflex axle and looks like that is a workable solution.  Currently, the camper has 13" tires and I want to upgrade to at least a 14" tire - but hopefully up to a 15" tire - with better sidewalls if possible.  I was hoping some here on the forum have some experience with axle lift kits and tire upgrades they would be willing to share for these aluminum frame campers.  Thanks in advance!