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Get Together / Get Together in Quebec August 6-9
March 19, 2019, 04:32:49 PM

Paul, the site administrator at, and I are organizing a meetup of Aluminumcampingforum members and Camplite owners in Quebec at the Parc National de la Mauricie near Trois Rivieres, Quebec for the period of August 6-9. La Mauricie has three campgrounds and we have selected loop D at the Riviere a la Peche Campground for this get together.

There are a number of available campsites now but they are limited so don't wait, make your plans to come and reserve a site.

This post will just be a one shot notification, so go to for more details.

Since as is reported elsewhere, the factory is no longer monitoring this forum, I guess I am free to offer an alternative: was founded by Paul-Andre Robichaud a few years ago, first in response to a picture posting restriction on the old forum, and later gained popularity as the old forum shut down and transitioned to this factory supported site. Its first members were all denizens of the old site. For those who don't know, the old site was independently managed, but supported by LL who also owned the domain name and decided a year or two ago to make it a factory forum.

The site as its name indicates, supports aluminum RVs but in practice that means Livin Lites. It is populated by campers who appreciate the advantages of LLs, who are generally eco-conservative and is a great source of info on modifications, places to camp, towing advice, etc. But since it is totally private and independent, it can't help with problems that require factory feedback.

So, check it out, sign up and like me visit both this and the aluminumcamperforum site. I think that there is a place for both forums to coexist.

This meetup discussion and announcement started on the old site, moved to the aluminiumcamperforum site where the continuing discussion is held, and I thought I would post here so it gets coverage on both LL oriented forums.

Go to for the continuing discussion of the meetup. Six Livin Lite owners have already reserved campsites for that weekend and another half dozen or so have expressed interest.

So check out the discussion and please join in. All LL campers are welcome. I will check back here periodically but if you are interested, please use the ACF forum for further information.