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CampLite Travel Trailers / Re: Electrical wiring schematic
« on: March 25, 2021, 10:01:24 AM »
Still working on electrical problem caused by plugging into 240 volts.  The converter works to convert 120 volts AC to DC.  What doesnít work are all 120 AC appliances and yet the 120 AC outlets DO work.  AC breakers seem ok but havenít been tested.  One of the next steps we hope to try are checking for 120v fuses in appliances such as the refrigerator.  Furnace and refrigerator work on DC but no longer on AC.  Microwave appears dead as there isnít even a light for time on microwave control panel.  Not sure about air conditioner.

Except for 120v outlets that do work, I would think that the AC part of the converter was fried.  We know something got fried as there was enough smoke to set off the smoke detector after trailer was plugged into 240 current.  (Family member got correct 30 Amp femaile outlet for trailer, but used WRONG breaker in his electrical panel.)

Happy to hear from anyone that might have dealt with same or similar issues.

CampLite Travel Trailers / Electrical wiring schematic
« on: March 05, 2021, 12:47:52 PM »
Our 24 foot Camplite trailer got plugged into 220 volts.  Need help with electrical schematic and recommendations on this type of repair.  Thinking it might be best to haul trailer to northern Indiana so parts are readily accessible to whatever repair shop.  Anyone have a good experience with extensive electrical repair?

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