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I'm thinking of:
Adding a rooftop solar package
Adding a second propane tank with auto-switchover
Switching to a two 6-volt golf cart battery system
Backup camera or additional exterior lighting
Maybe another awning on drivers, port side (do nautical terms work for RVs?)
Maybe a roof rack that could hold a lightweight boat
Maybe a back bumper extension deck

I realize some of these may be DIY but if I would rather pay to get it done professionally, where should I go?
So I am the proud new owner of a used 2013 CampLite 16ft (DBL bed) travel trailer.
During Arizona registration we had an issue, the DMV needed MSRP or original purchase price but I was buying from the 2nd owner who had not registered in AZ, we used an amount listed on her previous Nevada registration but it may have been inaccurate. I am seeking a way to get the MSRP from LivinLite or perhaps even the sales invoice of the original owner.

AZ finally let me register, but I believe the MSRP they came up with is way too much and this will cause my annual registration to be more expensive every year that I own it and register in AZ.