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Hello. I'm wdorking on modernizing my Quicksilver 8.0 with some gadgets. I've traced all the 12v wiring from the battery to the Elixir ELX-12 and have noticed the following:

Red Wire - +12vdc from battery - Fuse 4
Yellow Wire - Unused - Fuse 3
Brown Wire - Lights/Fans - Fuse 2
Blue Wire - Cigarette Lighter - Fuse 1

About a foot before the harness reaches the converter the white wire is spliced and butt connected to a gray wire which completes the circuit as the ground for the lights/fans. The cigarette lighter socket is grounded to the frame, and not to the battery in any way. I'm assuming the cigarette lighter adapter is designed to only work when the converter is plugged into 120v land power and the ELX-12 completes the circuit through the frame -- only when powered? Okay, so it looks like the cigarette lighter just never worked from the factory. The chassis isn't grounded to the battery and the Converter's chassis is only for 120vac ground.

What is the reason that the cigarette lighter is not connected to the -12vdc white ground in the harness and is grounded to the frame. Would it make more sense for me to ground the frame of the trailer to the battery? I can't think of any adverse affects nor can I figure out why it was wired this way from the factory -- did they not want people to drain the battery or something?

Any input is appreciated. Thanks!

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