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Thank you! I'm not very good at forum-navigating, but both responses very helpful!
Does anyone know where to get the replacement parts for the Exterior shower and snap-in connector w/door for a 2014 Camplite Livin'Lite 13 BHB?  Both of my lines have started dripping inside the interior box. Thanks in advance for any thoughts.
Hello, I put solar panels on the roof of my vintage camper. However, with this 2014 13BHB I have now, I use the "suitcase solar panels" which are much easier and store precisely in the gap to the left of the door! You may have considered this and discarded this option already, but since the batteries are set up for the solar clip-ons, I found this to be a much easier solution. To your question, I have not attempted to locate the roof trusses; there must be a schematic somewhere within this forum? Good luck.